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Google+ is one of the emerging social networking tools available with Google adding more and more features with each update. But one feature missing is the RSS feeds of any user’s public updates. We had covered quite a few alternatives on this blog for fetching the RSS feeds for Google+. Feed+ is a sample app that allows you to create an RSS feed of public Google+ activities and quickly add it to your Google Reader. The app is available as a Google Chrome extension.

RSS feeds for Google

Once you have installed the extension, you need to enter the user profile or ID and then the app fetches all the public updates. You can click the add button to get the RSS feeds link for the user. You can also add directly to Google Reader from the app.

The app was created using Google Apps Script, and demonstrates the usage of the HtmlService, ContentService, ScriptDb, and the Google+ API. It currently supports creating a feed from specific user or set of search results.

Important notes:

  • The RSS feeds can only contain public Google+ activities. This means it’s not possible to create a feed of private or limited access activities.
  • The RSS feeds you create are public, and anyone who has access to the URL could see the feed.

Till the time Google officially announces RSS for Google+, you can use this means to fetch the public updates of any user.

Download Feed+

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