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3 Ways to Get RSS Feeds from Google Plus

Google+, the social networking tool which Google had launched last year has seen pretty good success unlike Google’s previous social networking ventures. Recently in April 2012, Google plus also had a major redesign focusing on content. But there is no official way to subscribe to RSS feeds of any person following as RSS feeds are not offered by Google Plus.

But there are third party websites which uses the permissions to generate Google+ RSS feeds for your profile. In article we will cover the best services to get RSS feeds of Google plus profiles.

1. Google Plus Feed:

This is probably the simplest of service and all you need to do is to input the profile ID into the service and your email. Email is required to prevent spamming. Once you confirm the email, you will receive a link which contains the feed for the user.

Google Plus feed

2. Google Plus RSS Feed Generator:

Google Plus RSS service allows you to create your own RSS feeds based on desired Google+ pages or other public profiles. In this process, you need to create your own project in Google APIs console and then find out your Google+ profile id by going to the profile page and looking for the numeric part of the url. You can then opy and paste API key and Google+ profile id into the form available in the website.

RSS feeds

3. GPlus RSS:

To generate an RSS-Feed from your public posts in Google+ you have to log in by using your Google-Account. Once you log in and authenticate the service, you will be provided with a dashboard which will generate your RSS feeds. You can also  create new RSS feeds for any profiles. More details available here.

google plus RSS

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  1. Thanks for the list and tips….

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