How to Check Disk Performance on macOS- Read and Write Performance

Hard disk performance actually determines the performance of your PC to an extent and this is why most of us prefer SSDs over HDDs. SSDs are much better in overall read and write performance. Now even if you have an SSD on your laptop, it would better to have monitoring of the SSD once in a while to check the performance of your drives. If you are using macOS, then you can check disk performance on macOS using the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test app.

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Check Disk Performance on macOS

This app allows users to continuously check the read and write speed of their SSDs on macOS. Disk Speed Test is an easy to use tool to quickly measure and certify your disk performance for working with high-quality video. All you need to do is simply click the start button and Disk Speed Test will write test your disk using large blocks of data, and then display the result.

Disk Speed Test will continue to test writes and reads from your disk so you can evaluate both performance and readability over time. So once you are done with the testing, you can stop it. This is quite handy to test the performance of your SSD over a period of time, as it keeps on testing the read and the write speed of your SSD.

This app is also supported on Apple Macbook Pro M1 and Macbook Air M1.

Download Disk Speed Test

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