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How To View Lyrics on YouTube Videos

With Internet getting more and more popular, watching videos and songs online has become easier and when it comes to watch videos, YouTube is the best destination as it includes almost all latest videos and songs. YouTube contains billions of videos from across the globe and it contains all types of songs (in the form of videos) as well. Now what if you want to sing along with the video and need the song lyrics. Although there are many sites which offer lyrics for songs, manually searching them and then viewing them might not be the best option. So how to view lyrics on Youtube for Videos.

This is where the free extension (or Add-on) YouTube Lyrics comes handy. It is a free extension which will automatically search for lyrics and display them while the song or video is being played.

View Lyrics in YouTube

When you open a YouTube video page, the Lyrics panel will show up. Some YouTube videos provide accurate information about the song’s name and artist. When this data is available, it will be used to directly request the lyrics from one of the sources. Otherwise, a search based on the video title is run. The extension also supports Grooveshark and it displays the lyrics. You can control these from the extension configuration.


The extension searches for lyrics from various sites and you can enable them from the config page. You can also manually search for lyrics by typing the artist’s name and song title in the input field. The extension is available for almost all browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Download YouTube Lyrics;

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