How to Unblock Geo-Blocked YouTube Videos

YouTube is the best source for videos in all categories. But some videos available on YouTube are geo-blocked which means they are available only in certain countries and if you access them outside the countries listed, you will not be able to do so. But if you want to watch geo-blocked videos, here is a simple Chrome extension capable of doing it. F*ck YouTube is a free Chrome extension which can unblock geo-blocked YouTube videos easily.

unblock geo-blocked Youtube videos

Once you install the extension on your Chrome browser, the extension will let you watch videos which are blocked for your region by unblocking them without ever leaving the YouTube page or reloading. You just have to wait a few moments and the video will be available for you to watch.

This extension does not have any kind of access to your history data and does not need any interaction for unblocking the video and everything is done automatically.


Apart from unblocking, it also offers ads free watching videos and full shortcut support like in YouTube. This extension can unblock videos only if you have the URL of the video which is geo-blocked. But if you open a channel, it will not be able to show the geo-blocked videos in the channel.

The extension is quite handy and works as advertised. You can download the extension from the Chrome store or using the link below.

Download F*uck YouTube

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  1. But, why is that certain videos are geo-blocked in the first place?

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