Improve Windows Responsivity Performance with Quick Boost

Windows Quick Boost is a freeware tool which allows users to improve Windows responsivity performance. The app is a portable app which comes with a handy set of tools which can improve responsivity while working with Windows. It is based on a safe collection of registry changes, the user can select which one to deploy and the application also offers a one-click way to restore this tweaks back to the Windows default settings. While these changes can be made via the registry, the app provides an easy to use interface to make changes.

Improve Windows Responsivity

You need to run the app as admin to make the changes. You can see the status of each option when you hover over it. In case you want to revert the changes, there is a restore defaults option available as well. The options available in the tool include ability to add copy to and move to, remove low disk space warnings, reduce system wait time for hung apps and more.

Features of the app:

  • Portable application with no installation
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Collection of safe registry tweaks to improve Windows responsivity performance.
  • Ability to apply each tweak separately
  • Ability to restore the default settings for this tweaks
  • Providing information and status for each tweak

The app is available for free download and does not require any installation.

Download Windows Quick Boost

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