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Find the Fastest VPN Service near you with VPNify


Find the Fastest VPN Service near you with VPNify

When you have connected to an internet connection, one of the first things we do is to check the speed. Most of us use to check the broadband or cellular data connection speed. Now what if you are looking for the best available VPN connection with good upload and download speed.

This is where VPNify comes to help. This web app tests multiple VPN providers in locations around the world, and shows you the expected speed for each of these near you. This will help in making decision on which VPN to get.


VPNify has set up few servers in multiple locations across North America ,Europe & Australia . Multiple intelligent software robots check internet speed of different VPN providers at their VPN servers at every hour every day. The web app has a floating sidebar where you can choose experiment location and the provider to check VPN speed in almost real time.

Quite a lot of popular VPN services are supported and you can choose the experiment location to see the speed offered. The speed is shown for locations around the world. Blue balls on the map indicate the server location of the VPN Provider. The number showing on the ball is the upper round of its tested download speed (e.g. If a server’s download speed is 30.6 Mbits/sec the blue ball will show 31). By clicking on any blue ball, you can see this server download and upload speed details.

Speed of VPN

This web app is pretty useful if you are looking to buy a new VPN service and want to check which is the best in terms of service for the location you are using. In case you do not find a particular VPN service provider, you can also request for it in the service.

Overall, VPNify is an extremely useful service for people looking to get the best VPN service.

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