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How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter


How to Create RSS Feeds for Twitter

Back in 2013, Twitter had the API to create an RSS feed of any Twitter user or searches. But Twitter had closed this API some time back and now the company is not offering an RSS option for tweets. RSS feeds for Twitter username or hashtags are useful when you want to use the Twitter data elsewhere.

But since Twitter is not providing such an option, here are some of the third party alternatives which can be used to create RSS feeds.


1. TwitRSS:

TwitRSS is a simple service which fetches the user’s timeline from Twitter and creates an RSS feed. You just have to enter the username on Twitter and you can also select if you want the RSS feed of tweets and also include replies by the user.

The service creates a simple RSS URL which you can add into your RSS feed reader and fetch all the tweets.



2. QueryFeed:

QueryFeed is yet another service which allows you to create a RSS feed of Twitter data. Apart from creating feed for an user, you can also search by tags or using specific words. You can also omit retweets and also use images as attachments in this service. The free version of this service allows you to fetch RSS feed every 3 hours and only 10 tweets in one go. You can also upgrade to pro version for more features.



3. RSS 4 Twitter:

RSS 4 Twitter is yet another free service which can create RSS feeds for any user. You just need to enter the twitter handle and it generates the URL. The feeds are refreshed every 90 minutes.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Falco

    March 15, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you Nirmal. This is most excellent article.

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