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10 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing Experience


10 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing Experience

Google Chrome is climbing the browsers market share where Firefox and Internet Explorer are the main market share holder. Google is making many changes and improving Chrome everyday and adding more capabilities to Chrome which is already a very fast and tweak able browser. On the other hand, the Chrome community is helping with loads of useful extensions, themes and tips and tricks for Chrome.

Here are some useful Chrome extensions that will provide you a better browsing experience.


1. Google Translate

This extension by Google Translate Team adds a translate button in your browser’s toolbar that translates the whole page in the language of your choice with one click. The extension is smart as it automatically detects the language of webpage. So if the language of webpage you are visiting is different from the language of Chrome interface that you are using, a banner will appear at the top of page with translation button that can translate the entire webpage in your preferred language.

The newer version of this extension gives you an option to set automatic translations if you do not want to see banner every time you visit a foreign language page.

Get Google Translate

2. FastestChrome – Browse Faster

FastestChrome works same like FastestFox work for Firefox. Using this extension you can lookup the definition instantly by highlighting the word, endless pages automatically load next page and you do not have to click next, search convenience where you can highlight a word and press search and automatically converts URLs into clickable links. This extension does loads of time consuming tasks for you to make your browsing experience with Google Chrome really fast and easy.

Get FastestChrome

3. Webpage Screenshot

If you are browsing websites and find something interested or important, you may want to take a screenshot of whole page. You can simple take a screen shot using ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard but that only takes the screen capture of visible area on screen. Webpage Screenshot is a handy extension for Chrome users that takes the screenshot of whole page and saves it in JPG or PING file. Even long pages can be saved in one image file. A nice extension for one click screen capture solution.

Get Webpage Screenshot

4. Turn Off the Lights

This extension shows a small lamp button in your URL when you are visiting any video sharing website on Chrome. Pressing this button will switch fade lights from all screens except the video part of screen so you can enjoy video in cinema mode. Pressing this button again brings back the original screen. It supports YouTube and bunch of other video sharing sites and also HTML5 videos.

Get Turn Off The Lights

5. Smooth Scroll

This extension enable Google Chrome to scroll the webpage smoothly when scrolling with keyboard or mouse wheel. It works just like Picassa and enables smooth scrolling. It gives ability to user to customize strid sizes, frames per second etc. Very cool little extension to make your web browsing smooth and fun.

Get SmoothScroll

6. Google Quick Scroll

Another great extension to help you when searching in Google. When you search in Google and click on one of the search result, the bit of information that you are looking for may be in middle or at the end of page. So when you are about to click any search result Quick Scroll appears at the bottom of page with search query relevant to your search, you click on the little banner and it takes you to the part of page that has your concerned information and highlights it. A great extension for quick search and find.

Get Google Quick Scroll

7. WOT (Web Of Trust)

A safe browsing extension that warn users about risky websites that deliver malware, send spam or cheat customers. This little tool helps you to browse, buy and search on trusted sites and takes care of the sites that may harm you or your computer in any way. WOT ratings are approved by million of global users. It also provides trust ratings for search results when you search in Google, Yahoo or Bing. A must have extension for safe browsing in Google Chrome.


8. Session Manager

Session Manager is a Chrome extension that save the session of open tabs and windows so that you can reopen that session again. It saves your current browser state and you can restore it later at any time. It also groups pages of common type like news, tech, weather etc and also makes multiple sessions of a day like morning, afternoon, evening etc.

Get Session Manager

9. Ad Sweep

A extension to remove online ads in Google Chrome. It works just like AdBlock and hides the advertisements on webpages that you visit. This is a java based tool and does not show the elements of a webpage that contain ads. Good tool for you if you do not like to see ads on webpages that you visit.

Get Ad Sweep

10. Click and Clean

Click and Clean is another handy Chrome extension that cleans browsing history, URL you visited and other tracks from your PC. It allows you to click and clean when you close Chrome. It also erase temporary internet files, dele cookies, removes download history that not only is good for your privacy but also good to have some more free space on your hard drive.

Get Click and Clean

This is a Guest Post by Sohail Ahmed who blogs at PakBlogger about mobile phones reviews, games, tips, themes and apps and also articles on computer tips, tech tutorials and software reviews. You can check out his article on Google Chrome tips and tricks here.

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