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Free Tabbed File Manager- Tablacus Explorer


Free Tabbed File Manager- Tablacus Explorer

There are many free file managers available for Windows like NexusFile, Multi Commander, SE Explorer etc. Tablacus Explorer is another freeware tool for Windows which is actually a tabbed file manager. This free tool is different from others in a way that it supports various extensions or add-ons which can be installed for better usage. You can load different layouts for the file explorer and also save your own layout. You can also load pre configured layouts which are added into the package.

Load Layout

You can load different layouts from the tools menu based on how you want to work with files. Adding extensions and managing other settings can be done from the options window. The app has full context menu inside the file manager as it is available under Windows.



  • Tabbed interface
  • Extensibility add-ons
  • Customizable association, menus, keys, mouse gestures, alias
  • Save the configuration to xml
  • Multiple language and Unicode support
  • 64-bit(TE64.exe/x64 Edition) and 32-bit(TE32.exe/x86 Edition) versions are available

List of extensions available can be found here. The app is completely portable and supported on Windows 7.

Download Tablacus Explorer

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