We had written about iChromy Web Browser for iPad which comes with a similar UI of Google Chrome. Now the browser has been updated with more features and looks very promising. The best feature of iChromy is its similarity in looks with Chrome and it allows tabbed browsing as well. In the new version, it comes with features like  Incognito mode (or private browsing), speed dial, tools to manage history, cache etc and also other features like search content in any webpage.

The new version comes with a omnibox for com, .edu, .gov, .net. You can turn on incognito mode from the tools menu.

The tools menu also has option to clear cookies, history and also passwords saved.

Another new feature in this version is the addition of speed dial, you can add websites to speed dial either from bookmarks or directly specifying the URL. In case of any crash, it comes with recovery option to recover all the tabs.

Overall iChromy has developed itself into a full fledged browser which is hard to ignore. You can download the latest version of iChromy from App store or follow this link.