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Chrome Style Web Browser for iPad- iChromy

We have covered Terra Web browser for iPad which is an alternative to Safari browser on iPad. If you are an user of Google Chrome web browser on your desktop, you can now get the best of Chrome’s interface and speed to the iPad with iChromy browser for iPad. iChromy features the tabs on top interface and is very similar to the Chrome interface. Another feature is the type and search included into one box, you can search as well as use as a address box.


The browser has a bookmarks toolbar similar to Safari and you can easily add bookmarks by clicking on the star. There is also a read it later option which allows you to read websites in offline mode.


There is also social networking integration, so that you can share stories on networks like Twitter, Facebook or email it to friends.

Share in iChromy

There is also option to search from context menu directly. iChromy is definitely a nice web browser with Chrome like interface and a worthy download for your iPad 2.

Download iChromy (iTunes Link)

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