MegaVideo is one of the popular video hosting services online and it has lots of video and movies, but the only problem is that you need to wait for some time once you have watched 72 minutes of video. This is a restriction enforced by MegaVideo. We had covered previously on how to remove 72 minutes restriction and here we have another service MegaVideo9 which allows unlimited streaming along with downloading of videos from MegaVideo.


You can just enter the video URL from MegaVideo and then click on the Watch button. The service provides you with option to even download the video to your desktop to watch it later. The download link is popular once you enter the URL.

Download video

All you do is add an “9″ to the Megavideo URL to take out the time limit. For example, an URL can be streamed unlimited using

MegaVideo9 is a simple and yet very useful viewer for MegaVideo videos.