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Remove 72 Minutes Restriction of MegaVideo with MegaVideoNoTimeLimit


Remove 72 Minutes Restriction of MegaVideo with MegaVideoNoTimeLimit

MegaVideo is one of the most popular destination to watch videos online apart from YouTube. MegaVideo has a restriction while watching videos that free users can only watch 72 minutes of video in one stretch and after that they have to wait specified time. You get an error message after you have finished the 72 min time. We had covered a website which allows you to watch MegaVideo videos without any restrictions. We have another service called MegaVideoNoTimeLimit which does the job of removing the 72 minutes restriction.

Using MegaVideoNoTimeLimit, you just need to specify the URL of the video and it gives you two methods to watch video uninterruptedly. There is Embed JW PLayer Trick as well as Premium Account method.

Megavideo hack

With the Embed method, you can bypass the 72 minutes limit and also stream the videos, but cannot download in original format, whereas in Premium account method, you can bypass the limit as well as download the video in original format.

If you use MegaVideo to watch movies, MegaVideoNoTimeLimit is pretty useful to watch it in one go or even download the movie.

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  3. Greg

    April 24, 2011 at 2:31 am

    You can bypass Megavideo 70 minute time limit on check it out if you want..

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