Although browser toolbars are created to help you with browsing, nowadays there are lots of toolbars which are memory hog and slow down the browser. We had covered tools like Ask Toolbar Remover and browser toolbar uninstaller and now we have another freeware tool, Toolbar Cleaner which lets you uninstall all the toolbars from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Toolbar Cleaner is a speedy tool that removes unwanted toolbars. It is simple, fast and totally free.

Toolbar Cleaner

When you run the app, it lists all the toolbars installed in IE, Firefox and also all the extensions and apps installed in Google Chrome. You can select the items which you want to remove and click on the remove selected toolbars button. Toolbar Cleaner can also remove BHOs. A Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a add-in – plug-in that modifies a web browser. These objects may be useful or harmful, like a spyware or adware program.

Since it lists all the extensions in Chrome, you can also use it to manage the extensions.

The main advantage of using this tool is that it can remove toolbars from multiple browsers in one go which is very useful because these unwanted toolbars tend to install on all popular browsers. Overall Toolbar Cleaner is a handy tool.

Download Toolbar Cleaner [Via Technospot]