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Metro UI Theme for Firefox


Metro UI Theme for Firefox

Ever since Microsoft showcased the Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI, it has become popular and we have seen many applications and themes based on the metro UI. Here is a nice theme for Firefox based on Metro. Metro brings Microsoft’s well known Metro UI to Firefox. This theme features a simple, clean design that is both easy on the eyes and attractive as well. You can customize the colors of the theme and also the position of the tabs.

Firefox Metro Theme

It not only changes the main UI, but also the options window. The theme comes with a default pink color and brings in the exact look and feel of metro UI.


Although there is no direct option to change the pink color, you can change it by installing MetroBuddy add-on from the same author. With MetroBuddy, you can change the position of tabs, colors and also add dropdown like bookmarks.

Metro Buddy

Overall a very neat theme for Firefox for people who love the Metro UI. You can also customize this theme using some nice user styles available.

Download Metro Theme for Firefox

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