You can set up Outlook 2010 to automatically respond to people who send you e-mail messages when you are out of office or on a vacation. We had covered Out of Office settings for Outlook 2007, but in the new version, the settings are different. Automatic replies helps to inform people that you are not in the office or that your response might be delayed. The Automatic Replies command is available only when you are using a Microsoft Exchange Server account.


To set up Automatic replies, click on the file tab and then select Info, here you can see Automatic Replies button. In case you are not able to see it, this means you are not running a Microsoft Exchange account.

Automatic Replies Settings

This opens the Automatic replies options window (previously Out of Office). Here select the radio button, Send Automatic Replies. You can select the replies to be sent only during particular time date.

Automatic reply

There is also option to sent seperate emails to people outside your organization as well as inside the organization. You can type in your reply in the message box with all the formatting including font. Once you have configured this, you can enjoy your vacation, any email sent to your account will be automatically replied with your message.