Show PowerPoint 2010 Slides based on Time and Date

If you are displaying PowerPoint slides on a kiosk or a public computer terminal, you would want to have your best slides when maximum people are viewing. PlanPoint is a free add-on for PowerPoint 2010 which allows you to you to display a slide at predefined times only. You can create a large presentation with multiple slides. Set the display validity period for each slide and run the ever running slide show. PlanPoint will now control the time restricted slides and make slides visible when specified.


What you can do with PlanPoint;

  • Set a date range when the slide should be include in the slide show.
  • Set a time range within the date range.
  • Specify the days of the week on which the slide should be visible.

Once installed, you can see the options under the add-ons tabs from where you cans set the time and date. PlanPoint is a handy add-on for PowerPoint users for their slideshow management.

Download PlanPoint

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