How to Clean Up Junk Files in Windows 10 [Invalid System Resources]

Over the period of usage, Windows 10, like any other OS will accumulate junk files. These files could be temporary files, system unwanted files, or even invalid system resources. These do occupy storage space on your hard disk. If you have a smaller capacity hard disk, these unwanted files will take up a large part of your storage. So it is always advisable to clear these unwanted system files. WinExt System Cleaner is a freeware tool that helps you to clean up junk files in Windows 10.

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Clean Up Junk Files in Windows 10

The app has a very simple interface wherein you can select the items which you want to search and delete from your PC. This includes system temporary files, log files, invalid shortcuts, recycle bin, memory dump files, error reports, cache files, unused windows updates, and so on.

Once you have selected the files you want to search and delete, click on the scan button and the app searches your directories for all such files.  You can select the items which you want to delete from the right panel. It can make your Windows 10 laptop or desktop run faster and give you some extra disk space by secure cleaning up useless or invalid system resources.

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It includes dozens of cleaning sub-functions, such as deleting temporary files, log files, invalid shortcuts, etc. Apart from these options, it supports to do (Un)checking all / recommending for features and result lists, open resource location, display properties box of selected resource and export result to txt/csv/xls/xlsx file.

WinExt System Cleaner is a handy freeware tool for any Windows 10 user wanting to clean their machine without the need for an overly complex process – search, select, and clean.

Download WinExt System Cleaner

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