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Get Four Panel File Explorer in Windows 10 with Explorer Commander


Get Four Panel File Explorer in Windows 10 with Explorer Commander

Windows 10 File Explorer is one of the most used apps available with Windows and it has lot of features and options to manage your files. But if you want to manage your files in multiple windows or panels, this option is not available in File Explorer and you have to open multiple file managers. This is where the free tool Explorer Commander comes handy. You can get either 2 or 4 panel file explorer on Windows once you have installed this free app.

File Explorer

You can see that there is an option to select either 2 panel or 4 panel based on your requirement. If you are going with 2 panel, you can choose for horizontal layout of vertical layout. Further, this app also supported dark theme on Windows 10.

This app was created using the original explorer.exe process, so you get all the features of Windows default File explorer.

Features of Explorer Commander:

  • Two- or four-panel layout based on your requirement
  • Horizontal or vertical layout in case of two-panel mode
  • The display proportion of panels can be set
  • The place of panels can be swapped
  • The content of panels can be opened in File Explorer
  • When started, it opens with the libraries which correspond to the last exit or the saved state
  • It supports dark/light theme under Windows 10
  • It can also run in the background
  • No installation required
  • Free to download and use

If you manage a lot of files from one folder to another, this multi-panel file manager is quite useful in doing that. Since it is built on Windows explorer, you get all the basic features along with the multi panel interface. The app is free to download and use and does not require any installation. You can download it from the link below.

Download Explorer Commander

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