Get Dark Theme for Facebook, Google and YouTube with Darkness Chrome Extension

A dark theme or black background always improve the battery performance and this is the reason why lot of OEMs have dark theme in mobile phones. Now you can get this dark theme on popular sites like Google, Facebook, Gmail and YouTube with a simple Chrome extension. Darkness is a new Chrome extension and once installed it automatically turns websites into dark mode.

So in case you use Facebook or YouTube for long time on your laptop, you can use this dark theme.

Google dark theme

There are three dark themes available and only one of them is available for free. Using the free extension, you can use dark theme only on Google and Facebook. If you want to use it on YouTube and Gmail, you need to pay one time fee of $4.99.

Dark theme

Darkness provides beautiful dark themes for your favorite websites, significantly reducing the eye strain and fatigue caused by a bright screen.WE tested on Google and Facebook and it worked perfectly. You can also preview how it looks on Gmail and YouTube before buying it. You can download the extension from here.

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  1. […] The above picture shows the dark theme in action on Facebook. Please note, the dark theme is available only with the new design or layout on Facebook. If you do not have the new design, you can still get dark mode using the Chrome extension. […]

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