Fix: Windows Update is not Working or Installing Updates

Windows Update is one of the most important aspects of Windows as this is the service which installs all the latest security updates and patches on your Windows protecting it from vulnerabilities. But at times, you might encounter issues with updates not working. Sometimes, update center might be able to download the updates, but installation is not possible due to some malware infections.

In such cases you will not be able to install updates. WindowsUpdateFixer is a simple freeware tool for Windows which can fix this issue.

Windows update fixer

WindowsUpdateFixer will try to fix Windows Update when Windows Update isn’t working or fails at installing updates due to malware infection or other reasons. All you need to do is to run WindowsUpdateFixer as Administrator in Windows. This will provide the app the necesaary persmission to stop some services in case it is needed.

Once the app is run, it provides details about the Windows update service and provides an option to fix Windows update issues.

So in case you are having issues with installing Windows update, you can try using WindowsUpdateFixer.

Download WindowsUpdateFixer

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  1. Broken link

    1. It is not broken actually, the site has crashed due to overload traffic

      1. Actually we switched to an complete new w.ebsite + domain:

  2. Hello,
    developer of the Software here.

    Could you please credit us (Zerobyte Developments), as the author of the tool?


    – Daniel K. (Zerobyte Developments)

    1. I think we have credited you in the link. Since you mentioned you have moved to new website, we are updating the link.

      1. Not really actually, only the download link is directing to our official website. But that’s okay for now, since you haven’t reuploaded it without authorization.

        – Daniel K. (Zerobyte Developments)

    1. If you check the most popular AVs, they havent mentioned any viruses. The ones listed are not even the best AVs available, may be false positive.

      1. It’s an false positive, if you have downloaded it from the official/authorized mirrors.

        Also, this is the setup executable – we’ve made the setup with Inno Setup 5, an open-source setup creator. Don’t worry, it’s an false positive.

  3. Why using a exe when you can use native windows tools ?
    Here a simple bat to stop services, remove failing windows update cache, and run a detection :

    Timeout 15

    cd /d %windir%\system32

    net stop bits
    net stop wuauserv

    rmdir /S /Q %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution
    Del “%windir%\WindowsUpdate.log”

    timeout 10
    net start bits
    net start wuauserv

    echo OK > c:\Temp\resetWU.OK

    timeout 10
    c:\Windows\System32\wuauclt.exe /DetectNow
    timeout 180
    c:\Windows\System32\wuauclt.exe /r /reportNow

    1. Our application does more just than this, and we are also releasing a brand new update soon with more Features/functions to fix Windows Update.

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