Data Saver Extension for Google Chrome for Desktop

Previously Google had released the Data Saver extension for Chrome and it was in beta stage. The extension is now complete with development and can now be used with Google Chrome for desktop. This feature has already been available on Android.

In case you haven’t heard about this extension, Data Saver extension for Chrome reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit.

Data saver chrome

By enabling this extension, Chrome will use Google servers to compress pages you visit before downloading them. Pages accessed using private connections (HTTPS) or in incognito tabs will not be optimized or seen by Google.

Once you install the extension and enabled it, you can see the data saved by clicking on the extension icon in the browser. If you click on the details link, you can see how much data is used by the sites you visit. This might help you make more informed decisions regarding your usage based on the type of connection you are using.

Data saver

You can download the extension for Chrome on desktop and save data in case you are on a limited connection.

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