3 New Features in Firefox 20

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android by Mozilla Foundation. Firefox has been there for long time now and recently Mozilla has started with lots of iterations for Firefox instead of having one or two back in 2008-09. Firefox’s main competitor, Google Chrome has reached version 26 recently and has been adding more features with new releases.

Mozilla has released the version 20 of Firefox with some major changes and improvements. Firefox 20 is now available for download and in case you are using it already, here are some of the new features added to version 20.

Firefox 20

1. New Download Manager:

Download manager has been there for Firefox for long time, but the new version has an improved one. Previously the download manager opened in a web window, but with version 20, it is integrated into the browser tool bar with a progress bar to show the download status. When you click on the progress bar, it shows the downloads in a pop up window providing better experience.

Download manager


Here is a video on the new download manager.

2. Per window private browsing:

Private browsing has been there in Firefox for long time now and the advantage of using private browsing is that browser will not track your activities. This can also be used to open multiple instances of an email without having to log out of one. Previously, if you wanted to use private browsing in Firefox, you needed to close the existing session. But with Firefox 20, you don’t have to close the current session.

Private browsing

3. Close non responsive plugins:

With the new version of Firefox, users now get the ability to close hanging plugins, without the browser crashing. This is very much similar to Google Chrome.

Apart from these, there are have been several improvements in performance and security. There are also improvements in browser tasks such as start up, shutdown and downloads.

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