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The shutting down of Google Reader effective from July 2st came as a shocking news as many users were using it as the primary web app for reading the feeds they subscribed to. We have covered many alternatives for Google Reader which are both web based and desktop based. If you are looking for a web based free RSS reader, then Feedly is probably the best option available.

FeedBin is a web based RSS feed reader which has some pretty good feature, but employs a paid model where you need to pay $2 per month to read your feeds.


FeedBin has quite a lot of features with a clean and neat 3 column UI. You can easily add new feeds or import them from Google Reader. If you want to import, you can take a backup of your feed items from Google Reader and upload it to FeedBin.

FeedBin allows you to organize your feeds. Feeds can have as many tags as you need and can be managed easily. Further, FeedBin also supports keyboard shortcuts like Google Reader, so that you can always stay productive.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can either sign up for $2 per month or pay it for one year at $20. Overall, for $2 a month, FeedBin looks pretty good with its features and decent UI.

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