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3 Awesome Pocket Clients for Windows 8

Pocket, previously known as Read It Later, is an application for managing your reading list of articles from the Internet. You can add URLs to your Pocket account as and when you discover them and read them later. It is available for the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS and for multiple computer browsers and operating systems. So if you are having a Pocket account, you can probably add links from your desktop and sync it on your mobile phone and read them later while you are travelling.

While Pocket is available for multiple OS, it has not yet come to Windows 8 and since many of the users might have Windows 8 tablets, it makes sense to have a Pocket app. So here are the best Pocket clients for Windows 8.

1. Latermark:

Latermark is a useful app to connect to Pocket from Windows 8. It allows you to view your Pocket bookmarks in full screen or portrait mode in a customizable and zoom able reader view or in a (limited) web view, or open them side to side to your browser in snapped mode. You can also pin individual items to your Start screen as local bookmarks. The app also allows users to download articles (including images, not audio or video though) for offline viewing (articles viewed once are downloaded anyway).

You can also share a bookmark from Latermark to other apps. Check out our review here.


2. Pouch:

Pouch is a simple and beautiful client for Pocket. It allows you to view your archived articles and save your articles locally for offline viewing. It allows you to delete, favorite, or archive multiple articles at once. You can also mark an article as favorite, archive, and delete your articles by using the app-bar available. Pouch is priced at 2.99$, but really good app with features if you are a Pocket user.


3. In The Pocket

In The Pocket allows you to send any internet content to your Pocket account, just like the original Bookmark Button ‘+ Pocket’ does. The app integrates with the Charms bar and you can add articles to the Pocket account. You can also share your Pocket articles with other apps and perform a search inside your Pocket account. In the Pocket is free to use.

In the Pocket

Till the time Pocket released the official client for Windows 8, you might have to depend on these third party tools.

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