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Google Talk and Facebook Chat for Windows 8 with

While Windows 8 app store (Windows Store) has hit almost 50k apps in various categories, there are many important apps missing. Most of them are Google services and Facebook apps. Google Talks and Facebook Chat are two most popular instant messaging apps and both of these are missing in Windows 8. is a free app for Windows 8 which brings in Google Talk and Facebook chat. is a fast, light and beautiful way of chatting with all your friends across Google Talk, Facebook, and Windows Live (MSN). Probably the best feature of apart from the integration of multiple IMs is the the beautiful and yet simple interface. When you first open the app, you can select the account to get started. You can connect to GTalk, Facebook or Windows Live.

Another good feature of the app is that you can access your Google Talk, Windows Live (MSN) and Facebook History from any device, at anytime. You can also search for contacts from the main screen.

Google Talk

Yet another awesome feature is the support for attachments or rather file sharing. You can easily share a file from the chat window.

File sharing


  • Chat across Google Talk (Gtalk), Windows Live (MSN) and Facebook Chat
  • Lightning fast chat across all your networks
  • Read and delivery receipts for all messages
  • Access your history from anywhere
  • Synced across all your devices
  • Clean, Gorgeous UI

If you use Google talk and Facebook chat, then this is the best app you can get for these two on Windows 8 and we highly recommend it.


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