Always Boot Windows from Hibernation Mode with Toolwiz BHORM

Windows has an awesome feature in the form of hibernate and this feature allows users to save the work so that you can start Windows next time from the same place you left it. This means Windows will save all your open apps and system settings in hibernate mode and then allow you to retrieve it back and start working.

But the problem with hibernate it that if you restart the PC, then the state is gone. If you accidently restarted or shutdown Windows, you cannot start from hibernate mode. Toolwiz BHORM is an awesome freeware tool which allows Windows users to always start your PC from hibernate mode. This means even if you restart PC, shutdown or even hard reboot, it will always start from the last hibernate mode.

Toolwiz BHORM can make the system hibernate one time and keep it forever, no matter you close down the computer at other times and pull out the power supply, the computer will be started from hibernation in the next time, so it will take a much shorter time to start the computer, the master hands can play with it to try the feeling of the fact that it will take 20 seconds to start the computer.


Toolwiz BHORM is a simple implementation for Hibernation Once and Resume Many Time. It replaces your MBR and installs a INT13/INT15/INT19 Hook which will take the control of Disk/RAM/BOOT when system is booing in the real mode. Also it installs a disk filter driver which will take the control of all disk access when Windows is loading.

Toolwiz BHORM works well with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Toolwiz BHORM

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