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Best iPad Car Mounts

iPad has really taken the tablet market by storm and is by far the best selling tablet. The most common use of iPad is to browse the internet, check emails, play games, listen to music etc. But at the same time, iPad can also be used inside your car as a navigation device using the maps. iPad comes with build in GPS and you can use this feature along with maps for your navigation. Having a big and bright screen really works in your favour while driving. But if you were to use iPad inside the car, then you really need a car mount. In this post we will describe the best iPad car mounts which you can get.

1. Car Windshield Suction Mount: This is one of the best looking iPad car mounts available and it works based on the windshield suction. I’m using this mount along with my iPad and this works really well. There is rotary action and you can turn your iPad in any direction. The suction hold on the windscreen is also very good. This is priced around 11- 12 USD and pretty good for its pricing.

Car Windshield Suction Mount

2. ModulR Headrest Strap: This is not a windscreen mount, but a headrest mount which can be used by back seat passenger. This is best suited for watching movies on your iPad when you are travelling. This mount retails for $19.90

headrest mount

3. Ram Mount Suction Cup Base: This is again similar to the first mount and it is based on the windscreen suction. This mount has a different design although it serves the same purpose. Ram mount suction car mounts are priced relatively higher at $42.40.

RAM mount

4. Padholder iPad 1 and 2 Holder for Dash: This mount has a unique design and it fits almost all cars and mounts on to the dash of the car. It has a universal bracket for the dash and works pretty well. This mount is priced at $99.99.

in Dash mount

5. Car Air Vent Mount: As the name suggest, this mount is held on to the air vent of your car. Although it neatly integrates, it has two main disadvantage, one is that it obstructs your air circulation if air conditioning is on and secondly if your air vents are not strong enough to hold the weight of iPad, it might come down. This one is priced at $24.

Car vent

Selecting a mount depends on how you want to use it, if you want iPad as navigation device, then obviously you would need the suction mounts, but if you plan to watch movies sitting in the back seat, then headrest mounts are better.

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