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Synchronize Contacts in Outlook and Gmail with Outlook4Gmail

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Synchronize Contacts in Outlook and Gmail with Outlook4Gmail

If you are using Outlook for your emails, you might be having an address book inside Outlook 2010. But if you also have a Gmail account then there might be many contacts which are not available in one of the address books. Outlook4Gmail is a free add-in for Outlook which allows you to keep your address books in Outlook and Gmail synchronized. This add-in uses the maximum correspondence of Outlook and Gmail contact details: Name, Company, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, etc.

Add account

Once installed, you need to add your Gmail account into the options window. Once the account is added, you can specify the settings and how sync should happen. You can sync or update either the Outlook or the Gmail address book (one-way synchronization) or choose to update both accounts simultaneously (two-way synchronization).

Sync Settings

During the synchronization process “Full Name” will be the defining key field. Should this field miss, the fields “Email1Address” in Outlook and “PrimaryEmail” in Gmail will be checked for correspondence. Outlook4Gmail allows synchronizing an unlimited number of Google accounts – you are able to define and synchronize a set of address books in real-time mode. Which means you can keep all your Gmail accounts in sync if you select two way sync.

The synchronization can be automated by selecting the “Real Time Items Update” option. Features of this add-in;

  • Two-way synchronization of contacts that makes all address books identical after the sync process is over;
  • Real-time synchronization/update when Outlook address book is being changed;
  • Possibility to set the Gmail account list used for synchronization based on ‘one-to-many’, ‘many-to-one’ and ‘many-to-many’ schemes;
  • One-way synchronization of contacts when the target address book may be either in Outlook or Gmail, while the source one is declared as read-only;
  • Synchronization of both main and additional properties of a contact (Name, Company, Phones, Emails, Addresses, Dates, Persons, Notes, etc.);
  • Tracking and viewing events logs of the synchronization/update process;

Outlook4Gmail is a very useful add-in if you use multiple Gmail accounts as well as Outlook.

DownloadOutlook4Gmail  [Via Caschys]

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