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Desktop Google Reader- Mishra Reader


Desktop Google Reader- Mishra Reader

We have covered many desktop Google Readers in the past including Google Reader Desktop, WebReader and PIMShell. Mishra Reader is a new freeware tool (which is currently in alpha) for Windows which is another desktop reader for Google which can connect with your online reader account and retrieve all the feeds for you. The interface is based on WPF with focus on ergonomic and smooth animations. There are three tabs, one for unread items for all blogs, second one is for complete list of subscription and third for options.

Mishra Reader

When you select a feed, the articles are shown in excerpts formats and when you select an article from a feed, it opens in full. There are button for viewing the next and previous item in the feed and also open the currently reading article in browser.



  • Copy to clipboard for scaled picture
  • Application icon in notification zone
  • Notifications
  • Starred


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  1. know2pro

    August 2, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    GUI look good but
    it crash in windows 7ultimate 62bit

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