Accept or Reject All Facebook Requests in one Click

If you are using Facebook, you might have see the hundreds of game requests for games like Mafia wars, Cityville etc. If you are not a Facebook gamer this is really annoying stuff for you. But here is an useful Google Chrome extension, Requestulator for Facebook, which allows you to either accept all requests or reject all requests in Facebook games dashboard in one go. It can be used to reject all types of requests including from games, polls, promotions, poker etc. Install the extension and open the Facebook Requests page here.

Facebook Request rejector

Against each sub group of requests, you can see two buttons added- Accept Group or Reject Group. You can accept or reject multiple request which are added to your Facebook requests page. Alternatively there is a slider and buttons added at the top of this page. Using the slider you can select the number of requests to be accepted or deleted. For example, out of the 20 requests, you want to delete the first 10, use the slider to delete the first 10 only.


Requestulator for Facebook is definitely a handy extension for all users who are annoyed with Facebook requests for games and others.

Download Requestulator for Facebook

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