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Google Docs Viewer for Google Chrome


Google Docs Viewer for Google Chrome

If you are regular Google Docs user, then you might need to access or create new documents and presentations pretty frequently. Opening Google Docs using your web browser is tedious task, but with Google Docs Viewer extension for Google Chrome you can easily get the complete list of documents. With this extension, you can list, view, search, rename, delete, or create new documents in Google Docs.

Google Docs Viewer

You just need to login with your Google account and then provide access for the extension. The interface is pretty slick and useful as well. You can easily open any documents using the links or delete any using the trash can button.

Create new document

Creating new documents is very easy, but there is no support for formatting. You can also easily search for any documents using the interface.


  • Display your list of documents in a browser action popup.
  • Search and sort over your list.
  • View/Rename/Delete existing documents.
  • Star documents on the fly.
  • Create new documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  • Configurable auto-refresh to display your total number of documents

A nice extension for all Google docs users.

Download Google Docs Viewer

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