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Better Gmail 3 for Chrome brings Useful Changes to Gmail


Better Gmail 3 for Chrome brings Useful Changes to Gmail

Google has recently made some changes to the Gmail interface and these changes made the Gmail interface better. Better Gmail 3 is a Google Chrome extension which adds further enhancements to Gmail. It can remove all the unwanted areas like ads, chats etc and make Gmail much more cleaner. another useful feature of Better Gmail 3 is that in case an email has an attachment, it shows the type of attachment as an icon.

attachment type

Features of Better Gmail 3;

  • Remove chat
  • Remove invite friend
  • Remove ads without expanding the message area. if expanded, long sentences will be difficult to read especially in big monitor.
  • Remove about links
  • Remove footer and keep footer space for easy navigation/scrolling
  • Remove print all link
  • Remove open in new window link
  • Remove contacts
  • Remove tasks
  • Remove web search button
  • Remove back to inbox link. To access inbox, just click “inbox” or Gmail logo.
  • Remove refresh link. To refresh, just click “inbox” or Gmail logo.
  • Add highlight row
  • Add attachment icons

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