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Chrome Access Provides Quick Access to Chrome About Pages


Chrome Access Provides Quick Access to Chrome About Pages

Similar to Firefox, Google Chrome also has many internal settings pages like about cache, about plugins etc. When you want to open these pages, every time you need to type in the navigational bar and many time we also forget the format. Chrome Access is a simple Chrome Extension which provides quick access to these chrome settings pages. The extension provides quick access to all the (relevant) hidden ‘about:’ pages in Chrome. As a bonus it also provides links to the ‘chrome://’ pages (i.e. Extensions, Downloads and History).

Chrome Access

Some of the about pages available are;

  • ‘about:net-internals’ gives an overview of network status and usage.
  • ‘about:memory’ gives an overview of chrome memory usage, by tab and in total. It will also give data for other browsers if they are open.
  • ‘about:dns’ lists stored DNS data.
  • ‘about:plugin’ lists all the plugins that chrome is using (such as Flash or QuickTime).
  • ‘about:cache’ gives all the items in the browser cache.
  • ‘about:histograms’ gives low-level performance data (very technical).
  • ‘about:version’ gives a detailed version page with the Chromium, WebKit and V8 builds currently being used and user agent info.
  • ‘about:credits’ lists the (open-source) software and API’s that Chrome uses and links to their respective websites.

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  1. Sriram

    March 30, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    Great one.

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