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Windows Live Wave 4: Windows Live Mail Changes And New Features


Windows Live Wave 4: Windows Live Mail Changes And New Features

Yesterday we had covered some of the new feature available in the Windows Live Messenger 2010. Windows Live Wave 4 also includes Windows Live Mail which also comes with new features and also improvements over the last version. On the first look, Windows Live Mail looks very similar to the recently launched Outlook 2010 in its interface. The most visible change in Live mail being the introduction of ribbon carried from Outlook 2010.

Windows Live Mail

The ribbon integrates neatly into the interface and brings in all the features much more accessible. There are 4 main tabs available apart from the feedback tab.

1. Home Tab

Home tab

2. Folders Tab

Folder tab

3. View Tab

View Tab

4. Accounts tab which allows you to add new account and also view information about existing accounts.

Apart from these, there is also the File tab which provides options to create email, import, export and shows all the options as well.

File Menu

Message tab when you open any message in full window.

Message Toolbar

There is an option to minimize the ribbon if you feel it is taking up space on screen. Overall we would say, Windows Live Mail has definitely improved. But having said that, many users might find the ribbon feature being over used my Microsoft across all its products. But we feel once you get used to it, ribbon is definitely more productive. Share in your thoughts on the new Windows Live Mail.

If you want to have a glance of what’s new in Live Writer 2010, head over to Manan’s blog for screenshots and new features.

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  3. paul

    December 22, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Windows Live Mail 2011 has had a serious bug for many months the MS will not or can’t resolve.

    “when I try to forward a message I get the or more of the pictures could not be found.”

  4. george

    May 5, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    i cant even OPEN wlm. i try to start, and the hourglass comes up for about 4 seconds, then vanishes. no error window, nothing, please help!

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