Get Notified When there New Item in Google Reader

Google Reader Notifier for Windows is a system tray based application that lets you know when you have new unread items. This lets you to find out when the blogs you have subscribed gets updated. The utility requires .Net framework for functioning.



  • Unzip and run the setup program.
  • Launch the application and right click the icon to select Preferences.
  • Enter your Google username and password and click OK.
  • Click the Check Now to test it out.

This program can select the internet settings directly from IE, but cannot automatically detect the settings.

Download Google Reader Notifier

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  1. Nirmal…how quickly you get notified.AFAIK Google alerts happen with a time lag…
    moreover is it safe to share our google username and password with this app?

  2. This program seems worthless 🙁 , as Google Talk ( Lab Edition ) can do the same job . GTalk don’t need .Net + It also notify for new mails for Gmail !

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