OoVoo- Videoconferencing made Free and Easy

Over the years videoconferencing prices have come down and the technology used have become better. OoVoo is one such service offering free video conferencing with lot of features. OoVoo has good video capabilities. Its supports 6 way video conferencing with very good picture quality. It has a desktop client which can be easily installed and set up. Once installed, you can see the contact list window similar to any other IM clients.


The best part of OoVoo is that the video scales down as the number of users increases, so that it does not put additional load on browsing. OoVoo has good audio quality as well.

Users have the options of communicating via;

  • Text chat
  • Recording one minute video and sending it across
  • Sharing files to other users.
  • Video Call

There are few drawbacks of OoVoo as well. It does not have any scheduling and desktop sharing facilities. But this free program makes multiuser video conferencing an easy task. OoVoo is a worth trying application for communication.

OoVoo is completely free to use software.

Download OoVoo

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  1. My favorite option with ooVoo is the video messages that you can send through email. All receivers have to do is click on the watch video and it pops up and plays. There is no loading of video or opening a certain media player. Quick and easy.

    I work for ooVoo and was just suggesting to someone else that any improvements that you think ooVoo could make should be sent to Customer support and product development need these ideas to keep attracting users. Hope this helps! My user name is kwolph, if you would like another friend!

  2. Why have you named it ooVoo?

  3. @Katie,
    Indeed the video messaging is really nice feature.

    Was that question to Katie? 🙂

  4. @Rajesh

    Picture the name as a picture message. The first two ‘oo’ and the last two ‘oo’ are sets of eyes with V in the middle. V is for video. So, two-way video communication–ooVoo. Make sense?

  5. Oops! Video conferencing! It is new to me. I have heard of teleconferencing. I think I now need to look into the technical world and keep myself updated. Anyway, the idea is good. 😳

  6. @Katie,
    That was great thinking. It does make sense. 🙂

  7. Yes, I also think the support of multi-user conferencing is the most useful thing about this program.

  8. Glad to have made the name more clear. I had no clue how to pronounce it at first. Here is one more helpful tidbit: That link will let curious individuals download the Mac version not available at ooVoo homepage.

  9. hmm…very interesting and good thinking behind that name…

  10. It work perfectly! It’s very cool and simple !
    I have invite my contacts MSN but they prefere stay with MSN….pfffffffffff !

  11. I install oovoo in my computer but then after installing it when i click the oovoo icon to open it, it won’t open no display at all what should i do on this? I reinstall and install again but same no login display appear? Help pls…

  12. This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  13. Initially the concept of video conferencing was new to me but due to the change in technologies I felt that work and the performance of business can be effectively be increased positively due to the investment I made in more than one telepresence room. However, many telepresence solutions are now standards based, so they are compatible with other desktop.

  14. The idea which I got from a conference room environment that delivered an experience which is so true to life an executive could use the solution instead of spending time and money traveling to meetings. The investment which I made on time the returns of the company justify the expense. The profits margin has increased tremendously.

  15. Greetings! I can not open oovoo. none of the icons work and it will not uninstall nor can i install it again. it is like i am stuck and can’t do oovoo. i like it much better that skype but am forced to use skype because i am getting no place with oovoo. i did contact help but they said they would respond with in 24 hours it’s been over 48 now. please advise.

  16. Katie,

    I was curious as to how the technology worked. Does it share client resource like Skype does? I ask because in a business setting Skype is not viable do to the fact that it shares the resources and bandwidth of the business. Even though SKype is marketed to companies as a savings there is a security concern. We are experimenting with oovoo now and would like to know how it manages the connections without giving away your secret.

  17. Hello Nirmal, am not able to download n install ooVoo, it says some probs with service pack 2 ? how can it be solved, i recently formatted my pc, thanks..Renjith

  18. OoVoo video conferencing is good. Additionally, you may try R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It provides 30 way HD video conferencing and works on all platforms viz Windows, MAC, iOS, Android etc.

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