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Lock Keyboard and Mouse on your Laptop


Lock Keyboard and Mouse on your Laptop

If you are using a laptop or desktop at home and have kids, you never know when they come and press the keyboard or mouse on your laptop and mess up your work. This is why you need a tool to lock keyboard and mouse when you are not using your PC.

Keyboard and Mouse Locker is a freeware tool to lock keyboard and mouse on your desktop or laptop.

Lock Keyboard and Mouse

It is a free app which is helpful for your keyboard and mouse for any unattended machine protecting it from being used. You can set the unlock keys which are custom and can be used with combination of letters, and other keys like enter or spacebar.

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Lock Keyboard and Mouse

It is completely portable app and does not require any installation. Once you have locked it, you cannot use the keyboard and mouse unless you press the right combination of keys in the same order. While it is not a super-secure type of app but should be considered more of an app to protect and safeguard your PC from attempting to use your in your absence.

The app is available for Windows and you can download it from the link below.

Download Keyboard and Mouse Locker

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