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Kaspersky Free Antivirus for Windows


Kaspersky Free Antivirus for Windows

Antivirus is one of the most sought after tools for Windows especially with a lot of viruses and malware available on the Internet. Securing your OS is one of the priority aspects and even Microsoft looks into this aspect with the upgrade to Windows Defender with the latest version of Windows. Kaspersky has been one of the leading AV solutions, but they never had a free version available, but now the company has announced a new Kaspersky Free Antivirus for Windows. This new version will have basic functionalities and will be similar to other free versions of popular anti-virus tools. You can now download Kaspersky free antivirus for Windows.

download kaspersky free antivirus

The anti-virus will come with all the basic tools like file, email and web antivirus; automatic updates, self-defence; quarantine; and so on. Kaspersky Free is also lighter on system resources and quicker so that your system won’t slow down due to antivirus. If you want additional protection like parental protection, VPN etc, then you should be going for paid version.

The global roll out of the Kaspersky Free will happen in the next couple of months and the company has provided a roadmap of availability of the free antivirus.

Kaspersky free antivirus

More information available here.

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