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Restore Point Creator Manages Restore Points on Windows


Restore Point Creator Manages Restore Points on Windows

System Restore point allows users to get the system back to previous state in case you are having some issues or problem on Windows. This requires you to create a restore point when your PC is working properly. Windows by default has an option to create a restore point and also manage them.

Restore Point Creator is a freeware and portable app for Windows which allows you to create a manage restore points effortlessly on your PC. Restore Point Creator simplifies the way users create system restore points with the help of Windows’ default features and also provides additional options for the user.

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The basic features of the app includes the ability to create a restore point and also with a custom name. The program also offers users to schedule the creation of system restore points. If you an advanced user, you can get hold of additional options for restore points.

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The app displays a list of all current restore points, along with descriptions, dates of creation and restore point type. the app also allows you to view and manage system restore storage space, as well as to open and view a log file which contains details pertaining to deleted checkpoints.

The app is pretty handy to manage restore points on your Windows.

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