One f the best features of having an Android phone is that you can install custom ROMs on your phone which brings in additional functions and features. But each time you install a new ROM, you will have to install your apps from start which is a real painful task. Recently we have covered about Carbon Backup app which allows you to take a backup of your apps and sync it across multiple devices with support for cloud storage.

Easy App Toolbox is yet another free tool for Android which allows you to take a backup of your apps. But unlike Carbon backup app, this one provides cloud storage integration in the free edition as well.

Easy app toolbox Easy app toolbox1

Once you install the app and run it, you can select the backup option. You can back it up to SD card, Google Drive, Dropbox or even PC. Then you can select the apps to backup and finish the process. To Restore you can do the same option from the main menu. Another useful feature of Easy App toolbox is that you can share the apk of any installed app to your friends.

Easy App Toolbox features:

  • Send your installed apps (APK files) to your friends
  • Backup and Restore your apps to/from Dropbox
  • Backup and Restore your apps to/from Google Drive
  • Backup and Restore your apps to/from
  • Backup and restore your apps to/from SD card
  • Backup your apps to your PC
  • View many detailed information about your installed apps (permissions, activities, services, files and folders, etc…)
  • Easy uninstaller – gives you batch uninstalls

Download Easy App Toolbox