Windows 8 comes with major changes in terms of UI like the new start screen with metro UI, new file explorer and also new task manager along with other features. For many uses who have switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the new metro UI hasn’t gone well. Many users have complained about the start screen and they are making the move back to Windows 7.

Now if you are an user who has upgraded to Windows 8 and feels that metro UI with start screen isn’t good for you, then you can try disabling all the new features using this freeware tool. Metro Killer is a handy and reliable application designed for Windows 8 that removes the Metro UI, together with the Start Screen and Charms Bar.

Metro Killer

The application does not have any settings or options, just run the tool and hit the Yes button on screen. It will disable the Start screen, the charms bar and also the hot corners in Windows 8.  In order to revert the changes, you have two possibilities: reboot the computer or restart the explorer.exe process from Task Manager.

Metro Killer is simplest of tools which is portable as well as useful to disable the new metro UI. Metro Killer supports both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Download Metro Killer