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Batch Download Instagram Photos


Batch Download Instagram Photos

Instagram’s popularity over the past few months has increased considerably ever since release of Android version. There are many third party apps and websites based on the Instagram API. We have already covered on how to download the entire Instagram photos of any user account easily on Windows. iWesoft has released a new freeware tool for Windows which lets you to quickly download photos of any Instagram user, by entering the username on Instagram.

The app is simple to use as well, just enter the username and it populates all the photos uploaded by the user. If the user has large number photos, the app takes some time to list all of them.

Batch download

Once listed, you can select the photos which you want to download or alternative download all the photos. You can also view the photos in the browser using the link available for each photo.

Select photos

The app has another interesting feature, touch enabled interface which can be used if you are using a touchscreen laptop, desktop or a Windows tablet. You can also export the URL list into a text file.

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