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3 Useful Tweaks to Windows Explorer


3 Useful Tweaks to Windows Explorer

There are many tweaking tools available for Windows and each of them have their own special features and tweaks. But Folder Options X is a small freeware tool that lets you tweak Windows Explorer by enabling 3 hidden folder options or tweaks that can make file management a little easier for many. The interface of the application is dead simple, there are just the three tweaks which can be enabled or disabled easily.


The three tweaks provided by the app includes;

1. Windows Explorer by default automatically selects a file if your mouse hovers over any part of the row, which can cause problems when you drag and drop files into a folder. After the tweak is applied, Windows Explorer only selects a file if you actually hover over the file name column.

2. The second tweak is to display column header for all Windows Explorer views. Generally, when you are viewing files as icons or thumbnails, Windows Explorer does not have the option to sort the files by date, size or other file properties. This app eliminates that problem by adding the column headers to all views.

3. The last tweak is enabling icon reordering, which allows you to custom sort files in thumbnail or icon view by simply dragging them into place. The custom sort order is applied each time you open the folder.

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