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Enhanced History for Chrome lets you Manage Browsing History


Enhanced History for Chrome lets you Manage Browsing History

Like any other web browser, Google Chrome also has an in built option to view the browsing history. The browsing history also features the search option, but in case you want to do much more with your browsing history, you can try out Enhanced History. It is an extension for Google Chrome which adds more features on top of the normal history in Chrome. The features like getting browsing history for a date or range or deleting them for a particular date etc are missing in the default history option in Chrome and this extension adds those features.

Enhanced history

You can search history based on any keyword or for a date range. The extension that three main options;

  • Delete All History
  • Delete History from Date Range
  • Delete returned URLs

You can also customize the number of rows of URLs to be shown in the history page.

The extension is pretty handy if you want to manage your browsing history better.

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