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Extend Developer Tools in Google Chrome with Pendule

Like any other web browser, Google chrome also some set of developer tools which enables web masters to check the rendering of websites and also to debug any issues and errors while loading. Pendule is an extension for Chrome which is basically an extension of the default developer tools in Chrome. You can use this useful extension in addition to the built-in Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I).


The extension has all the feature neatly arranged into groups, namely style sheets, forms, images, resize and other miscellaneous ones. The extension provides lots of new features which are not in built in the developer tools.

Used colors

There is also option to change the display resolution, for checking the rendering on multiple screen resolutions. It also adds view Selection Source added to Google Chrome’s context menu which is handy option.


You can also set keyboard shortcuts for the extension from the options menu.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Overall, Pendule is a must have extension for all web developers to debug and edit their webpages.

Download Pendule

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