Dolphin is a very popular web browser available across multiple devices including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android phone and tablets. Dolphin has now released a new extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to access your bookmarks in Dolphin browser on desktop. Dolphin Bookmarks is an extension for the Chrome Desktop Browser that will use our cloud service, Dolphin Connect, to transfer your Dolphin bookmarks to Chrome and vice versa.


You need to have an account with Dolphin, for which you can connect with your Facebook account or Google. Once connected, you can start syncing your bookmarks and also add new ones from the Chrome interface. You can choose to sync Dolphin bookmarks or all bookmarks.

Sync bookmarks

Using this extension, you can sync;

  • Dolphin Bookmarks (from Android and iOS) onto Chrome Browser
  • Both Dolphin Bookmarks onto Chrome, and Chrome Bookmarks on Dolphin mobile device

You can download the Chrome extension from here.

Via Caschy