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Encrypt Files in Dropbox with DataLocker

Cloud storage is getting more and more popular and they are many popular cloud storage services available, but there is no absolute security on the files stored. In such cases it is always good to have an encryption mechanism and this means even if someone got access to your files they won’t be able to view it. Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage service and DataLocker is an encryption tool for Dropbox. DataLocker has a free app for Windows, Mac and iOS. You can easily encrypt the files from iPad or iPhone and then add it to Dropbox. The Windows app does not have an integration with Dropbox though.


The Windows and Mac clients are capable of encrypting and storing secure files in any local file system or cloud storage location, including Dropbox. The DataLocker iOS application stores files in Dropbox by linking your Dropbox account with the app. You can easily open any files from iPad, encrypt and upload it to Dropbox.

DataLocker  iPad

DataLocker is completely free of cost without any ads. You can download the Windows version here. Get the iOS version from App Store.

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