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Monitor Outlook Folders for Deletion using CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

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Monitor Outlook Folders for Deletion using CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

Outlook 2010 is undoubtedly one of the best email clients for Windows although it is not a free app. Outlook comes with tons of customization options and one of them is the ability to create folders and add rules to emails and sort the emails into various folders. While dealing with folders, there are chances that you accidently delete the complete folder instead of deleting contents inside the folder. You might even accidently move one folder inside another. But with CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog, you are safe from these situations. It is a new freeware add-in for Outlook 2010 which warns about unintentional moving or deleting folders.


The program simply warns you if you drag and drop a folder into a different folder, or if you accidently hit the Delete button on your keyboard or from the context menu.


The add-in is pretty useful for all users and shows a confirmation when deleting or moving folders. Once installed CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog will automatically integrate with your Outlook, and it will be ready to warn you if something wrong happens to your folders. There is no configuration or settings required for this add-in.

Here is a video of the add-in in action;

Download Move and Delete Watchdog

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